User Roles and What They Mean

Let’s delve into the topic of user roles and how these may be customized to better suit your needs. Hopefully this will serve to bring practical clarity to your application’s settings and thus enhance your Tahometerian experience! The key takeaway, however, is that you are in full control of any additional permissions and restrictions that may be placed on users.

Which Role Should I Choose for a User?


When adding a user to your domain, you are able to specify one of the following roles:

1.Admin: This is a user who can track time, manage all projects, set specific limits for projects and time reporters, view the activity of others and even manage team members within a project. It is important to note, however, that this role will always count against your user limit, according to your chosen pricing plan.

2. Time Reporter: This user, on the other hand, is able to track time, manage their own private projects and view their personal statistics. As in the case of admins, the role is also deducted from your applicable user limit.

3.Project Reviewer: He or she is  able to view the activity of others within a selected project. The role is also free, which means it will never detract from the agreed user limit of your pricing plan. Listen up now, folks, ’cause the project reviewer’s time cannot be tracked!

4.Company Reviewer: Like the project reviewer, company reviewers are also unable to have their time tracked, but they can still see the activity of users within a chosen domain. It is also a free and unlimited role.


What Additional Permissions Can I Give Users?


If you want to tweak your user permissions, you have a couple of nifty options:

  • Manager permissions within a particular project

This option should be selected when you would like a user to:

    • Track time
    • See the statistics of others
    • Not be allowed admin privileges



  • Admin permissions for the whole domain

If you do need several admins with equal rights in your domain, this option may be what you’re looking for. But please bear in mind that all admins will then possess fully equal rights, irrespective of whoever created the domain. Yay, equality!


Can I Impose Any Limits on Users?

Absolutely! Here’s what you can do:

  • Disable offline time tracking

If no activity has been tracked on your computer for more than 10 minutes, Tahometer will automatically start counting offline time, which may be added manually later. This, for example, could be a board meeting, a business call or paperwork. If you are certain, however, that the working chores of this user do not include any work away from their keyboard, you can easily disable offline time tracking. The user will continue to see an offline window after 10 minutes of idleness, but it will be impossible to add this time to his total tracked hours.

  • Disable screenshot deletion

By default, time reporters have the right to delete their own screenshots, with each deletion costing them 10 minutes of logged activity. Nonetheless, domain admins can forbid time reporters from performing such an action. This setting is available from the Users tab — Just click Edit and then check the boxes by the options you wish to activate.


Send Us Your Nuggets of Wisdom

As you will undoubtedly know, our team is hard at work on Tahometer’s total redesign. This means your feedback has become more important than ever! So help us stay on course:

  • What are some of your own ideas for user roles and limits?
  • What limits would you like to add or remove?


Feel free to share your suggestions in the comment section below. We will do our best to address them all 🙂

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