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The Eisenhower Box: How to Achieve Presidential Productivity

If you’ve ever held a job in a fast-paced industry, you probably know what it feels like to have to juggle important tasks while 30 smaller goals hold a deathmatch for your attention.

Of course, with so many projects to deal with in a single load, it’s really no wonder we all get a little overwhelmed from time to time. Whenever that happens, however, danger quickly sweeps in, as the chances of getting anything done in a timely manner become at best far fetched, at worst a wild fantasy.

Yet tumultuous as our work lives may occasionally be, perhaps no one is better acquainted with this problem than a sitting US president.

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How Time Tracking Can Save Your Company Big Bucks

Here at Tahometer, we often wonder why humans like to think they’re so good at tracking time. Really, though! Last time we checked:

  1. A 30-minute episode of Friends goes by a heck of a lot faster than half an hour of crunches
  2. Mondays are always longer than Fridays
  3. One Mississippi, Two Mississippi is a very poorly designed system!


Mercifully, however, mankind has also been gifted with some very clever people who have helped us make sense of the abstract tick-tocking governing our world — Is time even real? 

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5 Tips for Managing Remote Teams

tips_for_managementIn today’s increasingly small and active world, it is hardly surprising that so many organizations are turning to remote teams to fill the void of qualified workers. In fact, studies have even suggested that home-based professionals take fewer sick days and less vacation time than their office-chained counterparts. Yet despite all the advantages, when entering the strange new world of remote working, knowing how to manage these teams can still be a challenge.

As a company with more remote workers than we can currently keep track of (aha), we at Tahometer would like to share some great tips to help you create a successful remote work environment.

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