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One Account, and Several Workspaces

A while back, we shared our product roadmap with you and committed ourselves to keeping you posted on all the action taking place behind the scenes at Tahometer.

Multiple Workspaces linked to Your Account

At the moment, Tahometer sees users tied down to a single company. This means that everything revolves around a particular domain, with its administrators, users, projects, and critically, time.

But soon enough, Tahometer will be focusing primarily on individuals. As a result, every user will be given the ability to link multiple businesses to a single account.

So you can track your time as a manager for one company and a creative consultant for another, as now, Tahometer will be all about orbiting you. Expect brand new sections containing your companies, projects, statistics and users.

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Getting Started with Tahometer in 3 Easy Steps

Welcome to our bustling Tahometer community! Get the very most out of everything Tahometer has to offer — From day one.

What exactly is Tahometer?

Tahometer works by tracking the time you are using your workstation and randomly taking screenshots. The application then forms a batch file that is sent to the server and later displayed in your statistics. In addition, it also supports manually adding offline time.

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User Roles and What They Mean

Let’s delve into the topic of user roles and how these may be customized to better suit your needs. Hopefully this will serve to bring practical clarity to your application’s settings and thus enhance your Tahometerian experience! The key takeaway, however, is that you are in full control of any additional permissions and restrictions that may be placed on users.

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Tahometer 3.1: Your Wish Is Our Command!

We know we say it often, but here at Tahometer, it is our prized users who guide every step of the time tracker’s development. Think of us like a glorious magic lamp of time management possibilities — Ask and you shall receive!

Without Further Ado

First off, some of you were growing intimidated by the agent being ever-present , so we’ve added a convenient X button to hide the main window. Whenever you wish to summon it back, it’s as easy as clicking the icon in the system tray.


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A (Much) Closer Look at Time Tracking

One of the coolest things about Tahometer is its ability to provide detailed statistical information about the online and offline times users spend working. In order to make the most of this feature, we want you to understand exactly how worked hours are counted, and what factors influence your daily statistics.

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In-App Alerts to Make Your Life That Much Easier

By now, most of you will certainly be aware that Tahometer 3.0 is jam-packed with incredible new features. From a completely redesigned UI to literally hundreds of improvements, there’s a little something for everyone to love. What may have escaped your attention, however, is some of the agent’s less flashy — but equally brilliant — newer capabilities, including our convenient in-app alert system.

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The Curious Case of the Axed Comments

Because we strive to deliver the best time tracking application on the market, Tahometer is in a constant state of growth and evolution. Just as with nature, however, sometimes progress requires shedding old features that no longer serve a purpose. So now, 2 weeks after you have all been blessed with Tahometer 3.0, we thought it was a good time to explain why you can no longer leave comments via the desktop application.

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Screenshots: Too Big Brothery or Tool for Productivity?


Do you ever wonder why your company never seems to live up to its full potential? At Tahometer, we believe that behind every successful business is a happy and productive team. In order to keep your own troops running as effectively as possible, a few things are vital to manage, as these are the true devourers of productivity:

  1. Overtime
  2. Work time costs
  3. Weekend work

But keeping tabs on that pesky trio is often easier said than done, especially when it comes to remote teams. This is why Tahometer includes a helpful and convenient screenshotting feature.

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