From Simple Statistics to Full-Fledged Dashboard

It’s been a long time coming, but we wanted to finally share our exciting plans for the future of your online account experience. So to kick things off, we thought it might be helpful to highlight some of our main goals for these changes:

  1. Completely overhaul Tahometer’s statistics page
  2. Tailor online look & feel to match Tahometer 3.1
  3. Always follow your suggestions down to a T

Fun stuff, right? There’s a lot to cover here, so let’s go ahead and dive right in!


Functional design

One of our foremost priorities is to turn our current Statistics page into a fully functional dashboard — and to be perfectly honest, this is no easy task. Essentially, what it means is we will have to reexamine every aspect of our original design; a process which is guaranteed to take considerable time.

Just as with Tahometer 3.0, we’re hoping to give our new Statistics page a complete reboot. At the same time, however, we believe the new design should consistently reflect the look & feel of our desktop app.


Keeping things clear

Because we want tracked data to be displayed as clearly as possible, without any needless delving into screenshot analysis, we decided to introduce online and offline time graphs. In practice, these helpful charts will allow users and administrators to keep an eye on work hours of specific individuals or the company as a whole. But no need to worry!  The Activity mode where you can look through screenshots will still remain in place. Here’s a quick look at what’s to come:

  • Advanced reporting

For data presentation, the plan is to make all our modes available for download. To put it simply, this means users will no longer be confined to the options they are shown. Instead, they will be free to download whatever report they like.

  • Offline Time Made Easy

Some of our users have told us that adding offline time can be a troublesome matter, so take a peek at what’s in store for you:

In addition to being practical and obscenely attractive, this update will also take care of a vexing problem — overlapping with online time. And just like that, keeping track of your work hours will be as accurate as ever.

Current ‘flow’ will be preserved

It is worth noting that these planned changes will only affect the features you have raised concerns about. In broad terms, this means users will see no changes to:

  • Modes
  • Current time tracking mechanisms
  • General interaction with the desktop app

Lastly, we promise to keep our redesigned dashboard both intuitively simple and exceptionally functional at all times.

Let’s keep each other posted

While it would be impossible to cram every feature we would like to add or modify into this article, we will certainly do our best to keep you updated, both here and on facebook — where you should follow us if you haven’t! And just to state the obvious, the comment section below was made for your thoughts, so be sure to send us your ideas and suggestions. We’re all ears 🙂

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