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A New Chapter Unveiled: Seamless Tahometer Subscription Renewal with ChargeBee

Hey Tahometer aficionados! We’re stoked to introduce a game-changer in your payments tracking saga—an effortless invoice and payment tracking powered by ChargeBee. But before we dive into the excitement, here’s a heads-up: Mark your calendar! All users, update your account info post-December 18 for a hiccup-free subscription renewal. This change is crucial as we align with the latest EU regulations and transition to the new payment processing maestro — Chargebee, Inc.

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New Report Generation Features

At Tahometer, we’re on a mission to be the best work time tracker with instant reporting in town, which is why we would like to announce a whole host of exciting features that should be reaching you in early 2022. So grab a coffee, take a seat and let’s crack on with our latest updates!

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Getting Started with Tahometer in 3 Easy Steps

Welcome to our bustling Tahometer community! Get the very most out of everything Tahometer has to offer — From day one.

What exactly is Tahometer?

Tahometer works by tracking the time you are using your workstation and randomly taking screenshots. The application then forms a batch file that is sent to the server and later displayed in your statistics. In addition, it also supports manually adding offline time.

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How Time Tracking Can Save Your Company Big Bucks

Here at Tahometer, we often wonder why humans like to think they’re so good at tracking time. Really, though! Last time we checked:

  1. A 30-minute episode of Friends goes by a heck of a lot faster than half an hour of crunches
  2. Mondays are always longer than Fridays
  3. One Mississippi, Two Mississippi is a very poorly designed system!


Mercifully, however, mankind has also been gifted with some very clever people who have helped us make sense of the abstract tick-tocking governing our world — Is time even real? 

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Introducing Tahometer Agent 3.0:

Meet your new work time tracker, available now as a free download from your Statistics page. We listened to your invaluable feedback and completely redesigned Tahometer to deliver all the power, functionality and elegance you deserve. With incredible new features and a host of improvements, It’s everything you love about Tahometer, made better:

  • Stunning reimagined design
  • New convenient control panel
  • Improved accuracy and stability
  • Helpful new pop-up notifications

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