How Time Tracking Can Save Your Company Big Bucks

Here at Tahometer, we often wonder why humans like to think they’re so good at tracking time. Really, though! Last time we checked:

  1. A 30-minute episode of Friends goes by a heck of a lot faster than half an hour of crunches
  2. Mondays are always longer than Fridays
  3. One Mississippi, Two Mississippi is a very poorly designed system!


Mercifully, however, mankind has also been gifted with some very clever people who have helped us make sense of the abstract tick-tocking governing our world — Is time even real? 

Well, at least to us it is, ’cause God knows we’d all be in trouble at work if we didn’t live by its standards. And yet ironically, we somehow manage to get ourselves in a pickle anyway.


Whenever workers fill out their timesheets, their inaccuracies cost the US economy $7.4 billion in productivity every day.


Companies are losing money

According to a study commissioned by AffinityLive,  whenever workers fill out their timesheets, their inaccuracies cost the US economy $7.4 billion in productivity every day. This is largely due to procrastination, as the study went on to show that people who logged their hours more frequently were “more accurate at keeping track of their work.”


The secret weapon

Using an automated time and attendance system, companies can save up to 4 percent on annual payroll expenses, according to the American Payroll Association. Perplexingly, however, Bloomberg reports that 40 percent of U.S. companies are still calculating payroll by hand, a long process that wastes valuable time — and consequently money. In order to reap the most benefits, more and more businesses today are turning to time-tracking applications.

And why are we not surprised? Studies have shown that just by opting for a time-tracking tool like Tahometer, companies are able to save more than $10,000 per team, but that is hardly the best part.


Studies show, that time tracking applications help companies save more than $10,000 per team.


Optimize as you go

Because timesheet software allows companies to see exactly where their resources are going, established corporations and small businesses alike can wield these solutions to optimize production and achieve the best possible results. Employees, in turn, will be grateful for finally being able to focus their efforts on the tasks they were hired to perform.

So there you go! While human beings may forever be limited by their innate time-tracking abilities,  we can still be proud that our modern inventions are making us work as efficiently ever. Why not see for yourself, then? Download Tahometer today to bulletproof your company against procrastination, save big bucks and never worry about wasting time again.


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