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Santa Claus Is Coming to Taho!

As the holidays speed ever closer, we can’t help but pause and be grateful that you’ve allowed us to be a part of your year. So to thank our customers for all the wonderful memories we’ve shared — or rather, tracked — together, we’re gift-wrapping some incredible savings! Starting today, all of our subscription plans will be discounted by 15%. But be sure to hurry up and snatch them, ‘cos Santa’s firing on all cylinders this year!

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A Year of Historic Change


It’s a brand new year, Tahometerians, and with it come exciting possibilities! Who would have thought, for instance, that this would be the year when the pope would finally visit the United Arab Emirates — learning something new already, aren’t you? — First time ever, so it’s a pretty big deal!

Well, ladies and gentlemen, who are we to stand in the way of such virtuous instruction, so in this spirit of thoughtfulness and innovation, we’ve set out to transform Tahometer into something truly magnificent.

“Magnificent,” we say? Nay, historic!

*Queue epic music*

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It’s That Time of the Year Again…

Another year gone. You would think that time wouldn’t fly by as quickly when you’re tracking it all the time!
But alas, here we are, and to be fair, we couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you once again to all of our incredible customers who helped make 2018 all we hoped that it would be. We wish you a very merry Christmas and a wonderful new year!

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An Update to Remember

As we mentioned in our previous article, we are currently working on a major Tahometer overhaul that will serve to bring you a faster, safer and all-around drop-dead gorgeous user experience. In the meantime, however, it is time for yet another round-up of some of our project’s latest developments!

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A New Wind is Blowing

If you follow Tahometer on social media, you’ve probably heard that our previous project roadmap ran into a few more bumps along the way than our team had originally anticipated. Thankfully, however, on this joyful day, we would like to provide you with just a bit more crucial information concerning our project’s exciting new direction!

Rebooting in 3, 2, 1…

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The Eisenhower Box: How to Achieve Presidential Productivity

If you’ve ever held a job in a fast-paced industry, you probably know what it feels like to have to juggle important tasks while 30 smaller goals hold a deathmatch for your attention.

Of course, with so many projects to deal with in a single load, it’s really no wonder we all get a little overwhelmed from time to time. Whenever that happens, however, danger quickly sweeps in, as the chances of getting anything done in a timely manner become at best far fetched, at worst a wild fantasy.

Yet tumultuous as our work lives may occasionally be, perhaps no one is better acquainted with this problem than a sitting US president.

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